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By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.


Sen. Mike Lee: Inflation report reveals 'Americans are hurting' as some households pay $500 more per month


Red-hot inflation surges to new 40-year high, forcing small businesses to raise prices

 Inflation accelerates 7.5% in January, hitting a fresh 40-year high

 Red-hot inflation is eroding American's wage gains and hurting Democrats in an election year

 Fox Business News


Steve Forbes on inflation: Putin's part of it, but Biden bigger part of it

Forbes Media Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes on wages struggling to keep up with record inflation.


Fox News Poll: High voter worry on inflation as Biden economy ratings plummet

Seventy-three percent of voters, the highest since May 2020, rate the economy negatively -- and nearly three times as many are falling behind as getting ahead financially. The 39 percent who are falling behind is up from 27 percent in June.


Inflation surges globally, putting households and businesses in a pinch

From appliance stores in the United States to food markets in Hungary and gas stations in Poland, rising consumer prices fueled by high energy costs and supply chain disruptions are putting a pinch on households and businesses worldwide.




Fox Business Poll: Voters think Biden is making inflation worse

A new Fox Business poll finds that twice as many think the Biden administration is doing more harm than good.