The American Pharmaceutical Rip Off!

America is also getting ripped off by the pharmaceutical makers and retail drug stores across our nation too!

Check out a website where you can look up and purchase your prescription drugs from other democratic nations around the world in countries like Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, France and so on. 

You won't believe how much money your family, your town, your state government, the private US health insurance companies and US Government health insurance agencies could save over American pharmacies here!

It is not legal to import drugs yet into the US by our citizens but our US Government is not prosecuting individuals who import 90 day prescription drug supplies! Apparently our Government likes American Citizens to get ripped off by your local pharmacy. Maybe there is something crooked like pharmaceutical lobbying going on in our US Congress and Senate! The website is called PharmacyChecker.Com . 

The screwy thing is that like 75% of our prescription drugs come from India and Communist China so most of our drugs are not even made in America so how does our FDA inspect these foreign drug manufactures for quality control and contamination of the drugs we import into America? China could poison our citizens at any time and our FDA, US Congress and Senate have let this problem grow way out of control over the years. What were they thinking or were they lobbied with money to allow this to happen?


Ronald A. Blumenthal

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