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Inflation Leads to Poverty, Crime And Revolution!

by Ronald A. Blumenthal

Fiat Money or fake money is the parent of U.S. Inflation since 1913 and the start of the Federal Reserve System by President Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat! Our U.S. inflation will impoverish the lower and middle classes in America especially!  This will lead to a world wide economic depression with stagflation which is high inflation and high unemployment. Once the middle class and the U.S. Dollar are destroyed by fiat money and stagflation this will reduced the American middle class to poverty and America will be left with only two economic classes: the super rich and the poor in America!

The giant growth of poverty in America will lead to a gigantic growth in America's crime rate and will most likely lead America into a Marxist Socialist and Communist Revolution which started with Black Lives Matter and the Critical Race Theory in the spring of 2020!

This could destroy the U.S. dollar and the U.S. government! This economic and financial crisis will create a political power vacuum in America and around the world! The new world order people will try to replace the U.S. Government and other Nation States with a World Government which will most likely issue a new World currency to replace all the worlds fiat money! The new money or currency will most likely be 100% digital to watch and control how and where we the citizens spend our money!

by Ronald A. Blumenthal