American Sports Coliseums Paid For By US Taxpayers!

Are giant sport stadiums paid for by US taxpayers for millionaire players, billionaire club owners and the mega national liberal news media justifiable?

Are our fledgling US, State, County, and City Governments trying to get their citizens' thoughts off their government nightmares?

The ever growing American Government nightmare includes higher and higher personal government taxes, out of control government deficit spending, never ending production of excessive laws, and a growing pile of repressive regulations that steal our constitutional rights and freedoms we cherish!

Our government nightmare of excessive government power and control has lead to the increasing loss of government trust, respect and authority!

So the politicians would rather have us watch the national colosseum fifty two weeks a year, uninterrupted by any truthful nerd news and lots of American beer to forget the American Nightmare!

And I guarantee this never ending government nightmare will only get worse under Big Government Joe Biden!


Ronald A. Blumenthal


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