Democrats Should Lead By Example!

Democrats who want to take away your gun rights should by example turn in their guns along with their armed guards first!

Democrats who want to take away America's energy production should stop using American energy to heat their homes and offices first!

Democrats Who want to take away America's oil independence should stop using gas to operate their planes, trains, boats, and automobiles first!

Democrats Who want to take away your Constitutional freedoms and rights should go to China and try it first if they are true leaders!

Democrats who want to raise your taxes at the federal, state and county governments should raise their own taxes first and tell us how they like it!

Democrats who want to stop building America's southern border wall should tare down the walls of their own homes and the security fences around them!

So Joe Biden, as the leader of The Democrats you should lead by example and always go first!

You should move to the Mexican border where you are allowing America to be invaded by Drug Cartels and tell us how you like the crime and foreign invasion of America you invited and get a taste of your own dam medicine!


Ronald A. Blumenthal

November, 18th 2021