Slave Made Products Sold in America?

If you think slavery is over in America, then think again.

We buy and import more slave made products in America than any other nation in the world.

Many of our imported products come from the blood, sweat, and tears, of the poor slaves of communist China.

And millions of these Chinese workers are political, economic or religious slaves who have stood up to and opposed the atheist communist government there.

The USA has spent trillions and trillions of dollars dollars in the last 30 years buying shoes, clothes, electronics, etc made by communist Chinese slave labor to the profit of the Chinese communist party and government.

America has lost whole industries to China like the textile industry. We gave away many US factories and some of the best high paying US industrial jobs to the Chinese Communist Party and Government!

We have financially enabled the communist party and government of China to grow for the last 30 years.

We also enabled China by letting their students go to American Colleges and Universities where they study math, science, computers and engineering thereby enabling China's Military to build smarter offenses and defenses against America. China now leads the World in AI or artificial intelligence.

Doing business and trade with China did not bring about peace but brought about the growth of a stronger economic and military threats to the US.

We need to ask God and the Communist Chinese Slave Workers for our forgiveness and repent from our materialistic greed!

Please join me in boycotting and purchasing all communist Chinese slave made products.

Lets put the communist Chinese Government and Communist Party out of business in America for the freedom of 1.43 billion people of China.

It is up to the America consumer to to stop giving our hard earned money to the Chinese communist government for cheap slave made products and services. 

The Chinese Communist Government only came to existence by brute force. Just Ask the people of Taiwan who fled mainland China to the Island of Formosa or Taiwan to escape militant Chinese Communist revolutionaries.

Communist China never was or will be a good American Market as long as China remains an evil atheist communist nation because it includes Karl Marx's philosophy of Lycurgus' . This ugly philosophy or ideology includes the use of force, equal redistribution of resources (land) and the equality of all citizens under communism.

America should outlaw and stop all Chinese Government investments in America including: US real estate, US stocks, US commodities, US agriculture, US bonds, US Treasury Notes, State Bonds, County Bonds, Municipal Bonds and any  other US investments the Communist Chinese Government and political party use to protect their slave made profits.

If the Chinese Government prohibits their citizens from private ownership of property we should prohibit their communist party and government's ownership of private property or investments here until they let their political, religious, and economic slaves go free and democratic there with real human rights and liberties.

The heck with the US economy. What is more important than letting 1.43 billion Chinese people go free in the world?

Maybe we have to sacrifice all American consumption of Chinese made products and services until they capitulate to our demands to let their slaves free.

Every time President Trump raises new US tariffs on China, the Chinese Government lowers their currencies value to make their products and services cheaper to import into the US.

But this will backfire on the Chinese government eventually because they are lowering their citizen's earnings each time they cut the value of their currency thereby making their slave workers poorer and poorer. And the Chinese Government will be making more and more of their citizens enemies of their communist state by lowering their currency's value and slave wages.

Aristotle said that poverty leads to crime and revolution.

I am hoping and praying for a democratic revolution in China that will finally end communist slavery there.


Ronald A. Blumenthal