The American Destroyers!

  1. President Wilson, gave us the Federal Income Tax in 1913!
  2. President Wilson, gave us the Federal Reserve Banking System in 1913!
  3. President Wilson, tried to give America the League of Nations, a World Government in 1918!
  4. President Roosevelt gave us Social Security which is Bankrupt!
  5. President Roosevelt Made Americans to Turn in Their Gold to The Profit of Central Banks in Europe!
  6. President Roosevelt did not take Prime Minister Winston Churchill's warnings about socialism and communism and had America join the Soviet Union in fighting Adolf Hitler's Fascist Germany!
  7. President Johnson gave America the Vietnam War, the expansion of social security with medicare and medicaid which will be bankrupt very soon! 
  8. President Jimmy Carter gave America: the Iran hostage crisis, the 1979 energy crisis, double digit inflation and double digit mortgage interest rates and he gave Away the Panama Canal.
  9. President Bill Clinton Gave America a bad trade deal called the North American Free Trade Agreement!
  10. President Barrack Obama Gave America Obama Care, and bad trade deals and peace treaties with with our Enemies like Iran, China, and many other Nations!

Please Don't Trust or Vote For The Democratic Party In 2020, just look at what their Presidents did to America!



Ronald A. Blumenthal