Freedom For All People On Earth!

This website supports the following list of human rights and human liberties for all people in all the nations in the world! 

The right to vote for government officials in open elections.

The right to a limited government, limited government spending, limited government debt accumulation, and limited government taxation which should include inflation which is taxation without legislation!

The right to a fair and just legal system.


The right to purchase, own, and protect private property!


The right to bear arms so that each citizen can protect their property, themselves, their friends and their families from crime and criminals.


The right to bear arms to protect a nation's freedoms and liberties from both domestic and foreign enemies, who threaten to destroy a nation's freedoms and liberties secured by the blood, sweat, lives and tears of freedom fighters or patriots! 


The right to start and own a business and practice free enterprise or capitalism without lots of government red tape, laws, and regulations that stifle the nation's economy!


The right to plan and have as large a family as you want without government regulations, licensing or even forced abortions like in Communist China.

The right of parents to educate their children at the safest and best schools possible! Parents should have the right to choose their children's educational path and school system with taxpayer school vouchers whether It be in a public school, private school, or religious school of their choice! Let their be competition in the price and value of education. Let the parents and students or consumers make their purchasing decisions between public, private and religious schools.

The right to work in a nation with a sound and stable economy that uses real money or receipt money! A nation should have real currency or receipt money backed by more than the full faith and credit of a government! A Nations currency or money should be backed by real estate or real property like precious metals, agriculture, commodities, and energy whose monetary values or prices can be easily found by any citizen in accurate up to the minute broadcasts by television business news stations, and websites on the internet!

The Right to Use God's Plants for Pain!



Ronald A. Blumenthal