Lets Back America's Money With Our Abundant Natural Resources and Make Our Country & Economy Greater Than Ever!

I love my country and I am convinced America could go back on receipt money backed by our abundance of natural resources like gold, silver, platinum, oil, coal, natural gas, corn, wheat, water, alcohol, and other commodities we are so richly blessed with in our country!

I believe this is the only way we can save our country and people from economic and political self destruction!

But we must have the courage to abolish our Federal Income Tax, the IRS, the Federal Reserve Banking System, our Fiat Money in order to have a sound and strong economy built on receipt money money backed by Americas abundant natural resources! 

Think about it we could all have oil backed dollars, coal backed dollars, gold backed dollars, silver backed dollars, wheat backed dollars, corn backed dollars, land backed dollars, and so on and so forth unlike our worthless fiat money backed by nothing!

Our Country I believe tripled in population since WWII but the United States Government increased in workers and expenditures thirty times in the same time frame, so taxes and inflation, which is taxation without representation, have killed the entrepreneurial spirit and competitive edge our great country was built on!

Our taxes will be soon higher in America than in Communist Red China under President Joe Biden! 

The great expansion of Marxist Socialism and the Federal Government is the reason our country is self destructing! As Marxist Socialism and government grows in size we loose more and more of the constitutional rights and freedoms we so love and cherish. And we are now slaves to our national debt along with our great great grandchildren not yet born!

The facts are we have become a socialist country since 1913 in many ways! 

We are like the sinking titanic with the band or orchestra up on the ships deck playing dance music till the whole ship suddenly sinks killing everyone on board!

The Marxists want to destroy our nation, our sovereignty, our free press, our educational system, our heritage, our history, our beliefs, our culture, our currency, our economy, our entrepreneurial-ism, our declaration of independence, our constitution, our freedom of thought, our freedom of expression, our freedom of the press, our freedom of religion, our lives, our liberties our pursuit of happiness, our private properties, our right to vote, and our right to bear arms which were given to us by God and American heroes who fought for this Great Country and these cherished values since the American Revolution!

And now we must unite all red blooded Americans of all races and religious creeds to fight the rapid expansion of Marxist socialism and communist ideologies in America today before it is too late. We must fight and resist them legally without violence with the truth at the ballot box in the executive branch, in the legislative branch, in the judicial branch, in our liberal media, in our liberal educational system, and anywhere they spread their atheistic Marxist lies including American Churches!


Ronald A. Blumenthal

Sunday 4/4/2021