The American Health Care Crisis is a Government Made Mistake!

Wednesday, December 18th 2019

by Ronald a. Blumenthal

The Problems with American Health Care Include Socialized Medicine and Private Health Insurance!

The current problems with socialized medicine and private insurance in America today include some of the following facts.

Medicare and Medicaid will be bankrupt in about 10 years.

Our slow, costly and inefficient state and federal government agencies decide who receives healthcare treatment, medicine, and ultimately who will live and die.

Our for profit health insurance companies decide who will receive healthcare treatment, medicine and ultimately who will live or die.

Socialized medicine is the redistribution of wealth which is taking money from one person through forced gambling to pay another persons medical insurance or healthcare costs which is not fair.

Mandatory participation in programs like Social Security, Medicare, Obama Care increase tax burdens on the working man and woman and decrease freedom from government taxation and government regulation or red tape.

Our freedom to make our own health care decisions are lost with socialist programs like these. And doctors have to practice medicine the way they are told to do it by government and private insurance companies.

Doctors don't practice medicine the way they used to before the 1930's. They practice government and corporate  insurance laws and policies more than they practice medicine! 

Doctors and Nurses are in a great shortage in rural America now because of the high cost of health care education and also because of socialized medicine programs like Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid because these socialist programs have regulated doctors to death and run up huge costs in doctors' clinics. These doctors' offices have to stay on top of all the health care laws, insurance policies, government billing, private insurance billing, patient billing, and computer insurance bill fillings.

Many small doctors' offices would rather pay government fines than buy the expensive computer hardware and software necessary to provide the government insurance programs and private insurance companies with digital fillings.

Doctors, nurses, and patients don't know the cost of many medical procedures or prescription medicines because these prices are simply not available till the patient gets billed. So the health care industry a very noncompetitive industry.

Retail drug stores, hospitals and doctors offices should by law have to provide patients prices on paper and or update their prices every day on the internet for patients to shop and compare prices at pharmacies, medical clinics and hospitals nationwide to help patients save money in the healthcare industry. Without price competition patients don't know what they are putting in their shopping cart for healthcare services and prescription drugs.

Can you imagine going to the grocery store to fill up your grocery cart and not know what each item costs till you get the bill at the cash register checkout line.

Sticker shock remains the status quo in the health care industry for medical procedures, medicines, and health insurance policies bills. 

Many people from doctors, nurses, and patients don't know or care what price a medical procedure or medicine will cost because the private insurance companies or government insurance programs pay the medical bills after the patient gets their bill.

The people that don't have health insurance today or have high deductibles care more about prices because they pay their own medical bills or go bankrupt.

When a patient's medical bills are all paid completely by government or private insurance there is no individual responsibility to make sure that the best prices for healthcare procedures or medicines are purchased at the lowest price through a competitive capitalist free market.

Some people take better care of bodies than their neighbors do. Why should people who take good care of themselves have to pay high insurance rates or medical costs because some people don't take care of their health and drive up the healthy persons health care costs?

Health insurance is really healthcare gambling. Any form of insurance is really legalized and organized gambling. Just ask an actuary or statistician who work for government or private insurance companies. They calculate the probabilities, statistics, and expected values for insurance organizations.

Government or private health insurance companies have allowed large medical facilities and drug makers  across our nation to become giant healthcare monopolies that are noncompetitive and irresponsible when it comes to the price of medications or healthcare services.

Some of these healthcare monopolies have 10,000 or more employees. They make it financially impossible for individual doctors and nurses to setup their own medical practices to compete with their government subsidized healthcare monopolies. These same healthcare monopolies are subsidized by State or federal money provided by guess who? The American tax payer! 

These medical clinics and hospitals have more anonymous nurses than you can count. Most nurses today only give out their first names to patients. This is very irresponsible and unaccountable! Sure it protects their privacy but what about accountability to patients?

Many of the healthcare workers that have access to our medical records are not even doctors or nurses. They are secretaries receptionists that answer phones at hospitals and doctors' clinics.

Then there are the government healthcare workers at Medicare, Medicaid, Badger Care, Obama Care, and other State run health programs across the nation that have access to our medical records.

There are also software engineers at companies that write and repair the soap note software for hospitals and clinics that also have some access to our medical records also. So much for HIPPA Laws! Can we trust all these people with access to our medical records.

And by the way just try to get these medical facilities to let you review and correct your medical records if there are any inaccuracies. Its a total joke.

Would you let an anonymous attorney handle your will? Would you allow anonymous realtor sell you a home?

Then all your medical records are on the internet which also have been hacked at may medical facilities like in all business industries and government agencies.

There are more government health insurance workers, private health insurance company workers, hospital and medical clinic insurance claims workers than there are nurses and doctors by far. 

If we know that The Total Health Care Labor Cost of The USA = Total Cost of Health Care Workers in USA + Total Cost of Government Health Care Administration + Total Cost of Health Insurance Labor

then to lower Total Healthcare Costs in America we should get rid off Government Health Care Insurance Workers and Private Health Insurance Workers. Lets get rid of all insurance whether it is by private company or government agency.

All the money our country would save by getting rid of all insurance workers could be spent on hiring many more doctors and nurses in America with higher wages to attract them to the healthcare industry.

Lets increase the supply of doctors and nurses in America and decrease health care costs by increasing the supply of health care workers who compete in private markets.

We should also break up the huge health care clinic monopolies in this country who capitalize on health care workers like doctors, and nurses.

There already is a huge shortage of doctors and nurses in our bankrupt medical system run by our US Government.

Medicare and Medicaid deficits America are astronomical. Their figures can be found on the USDebtClock.Org .

Our slow, expensive and inefficient government and the greedy insurance companies will be glad to continue to take your hard earned money and make your family's critical healthcare decisions a living nightmare!

State and Federal Insurance Laws may determine whether you, your spouse, your child, your parents, siblings, and grand parents may live or die because of government healthcare regulations so be careful you don't vote for a socialist congress person, senator or president in 2020 that preaches socialized medicine or guaranteed income for all people.

Most of the socialist politicians never started or ran a company of their own. They are good at being philosophical philanthropists with the American tax payers' hard earned money!

Most of them don't the know the cost of their socialist programs and don't understand business, economics or healthcare!

And the biggest problem in Healthcare today is who can afford health insurance?

We have basically traded the dollar for insurance in purchasing medical services and medicine in America since health insurance started in WWII under Franklin D. Roosevelt as a labor union concession.

US Health insurance costs have gone up several thousand percentage points since about 1950 compared to the average US income, which has only gone up roughly 10 times in that same time frame.

This can be blamed partially on inflation from our fiat money and the destruction of small doctors offices or small business by government bureaucracy and insurance red tape. 

Can you imagine buying insurance to buy food for your family, or gas for your car, or fuel to heat your home? 

President Ronald Reagan said, "Medicare will usher in federal programs that will invade every area of freedom as we have know it in this country."

He was right just look what the socialist Senator Bernie Sanders said about his political ideology, socialism, and how Social Security and Medicare are socialist programs.

Bernie Sanders said "What I think people should realize is that programs like Social Security, programs like Medicare, programs like the Veterans Administration, programs like your local park and your local library - those are, if you like, socialist programs; they're run by [and] for the public, not to make money. I think in many ways we should expand that concept so that the American people can enjoy the same benefits that people all over the world are currently enjoying."

What Bernie Sanders doesn't tell the American Voter is that these socialist programs cost the current American taxpayer trillions of dollars of dollars in principal, interest and debt each year which will be passed on to future American taxpayers through taxes and inflation.
And his socialized health care will put many more private doctors offices out of business with more and more business regulations, government bureaucracy, and insurance red tape.
The net result of his socialized healthcare plan will be the bankruptcy of our nation, the loss of American Freedom and the end of Capitalism that once made our country great!
To be continued. 


Ronald A. Blumenthal