What Size Should the US Government Be?

How big should our American Government be in terms economic cost as a percent of gross domestic product (GDP) or in terms of US national government employment percentages in comparison to US national business employment percentages or other measurable economic factors.

Lets face it nobody really knows the exact cost of all American Government Services. Lets face it. We pass on our government debts and fiscal irresponsibility's to future American generations to pay! Its a joke!

And we wonder why families are having less and less babies per household. The smart ones don't want to have kids they can't afford.

Should we have limited government at all Government levels in America including the Federal Government, State Government, County Government, Township Government and City Government?

I am for a small and limited overall government in America and I am all for a large republican or democrat government as long as there are enough citizen volunteers to get the work done with out passing on government debts to future generations and stealing their economic dreams by confiscating large sums of dollars in taxes from businesses and individuals to pay for a large, costly, inefficient and ineffective government workforce that gets paid more on average than private sector business jobs pay in terms of wages, medical insurance and retirement pensions.

Yes that is right. I am for a voluntary government and government volunteerism in America! How about volunteer fire departments, volunteer police departments, volunteer military service people, volunteer school teachers, volunteer accountants, volunteer Presidents, Volunteer Senators, Volunteer Congress Persons, Volunteer Govenors, Volunteer City Mayors, Volunteer Town Chair People and so on with very few government workers that would be on a government payroll which would lower the personal and business taxes and burdens paid.

We could cut our trillions of dollars of government debt drastically and not pass it on to the next generation and there would be much more American Patriotism in the United States of America with a volunteer government. To be continued.

Ronald A. Blumenthal



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