City of Hong Kong Protests Aaginst Chinese Rulers in 2019!

Seven Million People in Hong Kong Protest Communist Chinese Rulers for Basic Human Rights, Freedom and Liberty!

Please Pray For the Safety and Freedom of the People of Hong Kong! These seven million people living in Hong Kong desperately need our prayers.

These brave people of Hong Kong stand courageously united to fight with communist China to keep their human rights and freedoms they had under the British Rule up until 1997.

They are relatively unarmed and out numbered to fight the large and heavily armed communist Chinese army and state police.

I hope and pray that the freedom and democracy movement in Hong Kong spreads to the heart of main land China. If 1.43 billion people in China had enough of communism they could overthrow their masters in several days with a minimum number of casualties I hope and pray.

Then 1.43 billion people of China would be freed from Marxist Communist Slavery forever.

I believe this would lead to an ever lasting peace, friendship, and bond between China, America and the rest of the free and democratic world.

Communist North Korea would no longer have the economic or military support of communist China to continue their political, religious, and economic slavery of the North Korean People. 

The world wide threat of the North Korean nuclear missiles would end.

North and South Korea could then be reunited as one free and democratic nation for all Korean People.

So please pray for the freedom of the people of Hong Kong, China, North Korea and the many other politically oppressed people of the world who live in slavery to Marxist Communist Governments and Ideologies.

Marxist Communists take over nations by military force as Marxist Communist Revolutionaries did in Nations like the People's Republic of China and the former Soviet Union did.

Fabian Socialists are evolutionary socialists who get elected into executive, judicial, and legislative branches of democratic governments and spread their socialist programs and ideologies into governments and across nations legally without having to fire a gun shot or having a militant revolution.

Eventually socialist politicians legislate away a nation's gun rights and other democratic freedoms to secure total socialist control of a nation's people.

This is the Fabian Socialist approach to taking over countries by election and socialist legislation has happened to many nations around the world since WWII. Look at all the unarmed liberal socialist nations of Europe today that don't allow gun ownership for their citizens. These citizens will never be able to fight for their freedoms ever again.

Fabian Socialists are already in our state and federal government elected offices today. And more and more of them are trying to get into office every day to try to take over America by the evolutionary or Fabian socialist way.

These American socialist politicians and their voters should go and live and work in a few socialist countries for five years before they sell their Marixist socialist ideologies and practices in America!

by Ronald A. Blumenthal