Lets Put The World's Drug Cartels and Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Out of Business!

Sunday November 28th, 2021


Lets lets give all American taxpayers, drug consumers, and Bible believers a break on the cost of God's Medicines spoken highly of in the Holly Bible!

Lets put the world's drug cartels and the Chinese pharmaceutical industry out of business in America by giving the America farmer new crops to grow, and lets put God back in business! It is his garden and his seeds and plants that make you live or die you know!

Lets grow cocaine from South Carolina to Southern California! Lets grow poppy plants from the Appalachian Mountains to the Rocky Mountains! Lets grow pot in all 50 States! Lets grow kratom in every state we can and lets not to forget to grow plenty of mushrooms and cactus in America too!

Lets give the world's demand and market for illegal organic drugs or medicines to the American farmer! We are the bread basket of the world so there is no reason we can't be the drug basket of the world and worlds largest supplier of organic medicines or plants made by God!

America could easily take over multi trillion dollar world wide pharmaceutical industry!

Lets put the money in American Hands!

God made these plants before he made man in the book of Genesis so lets start planting God's seeds now inside and plant our crops next spring America!

All we need is lots of seeds, good land, good water plenty of sunshine, hard work, prayer and God's Blessings!

If you disagree with my logic read the following arguments I make for the legalization of medicinal plants created by God almighty before He created man on earth!

by Ronald A. Blumenthal


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