Where Are Our Corona Virus Microscopes Uncle Sam?

Saturday October 2, 2021

I am upset that the Federal, State and Local Governments and all profitable nonprofit Hospitals and Clinics don't test people's blood for the Corona Virus Antibodies in NE Wisconsin without a doctors prescription for the corona blood test to see if you have had the corona virus and have natural human immunity!

But I found out Pick N Save's Pharmacy in Plover and Stevens Point that charge $25 for the corona virus blood test for human immunity. And I also found out that blood banks that pay for blood donations check your blood for the corona virus!

Why hasn't the government issued every American household a microscope powerful enough to test for the corona virus and any other biological war weapons?

This seems like a national security issue to me because more biological wars and biological weapon accidents will surely occur in our future so we should all be ready with our own microscopes capable of identifying the most common viruses and bacteria in the world.

But this is also a big healthcare rip off! We should all be armed with our own microscopes so we don't have to pay hospitals and clinics to test our saliva and blood! When I think of all the Trillions of dollars the American/ Chinese Corona Virus is going to cost the American Tax Payer I get very upset with our greedy government and health care industry!

I got two Pfizer corona Shots at Walgreens and I asked the pharmacy department there how much do the corona shots cost and they said they are free. I said oh really has Walgreens ever given anything away for free in the history of the drug store? Then I said how much does Walgreens make off each corona virus shot you administer from government corona virus subsidies? And they said they did not know?

This is stupid healthcare joke and financial rip off of the American Tax Payer!

Think of the millions of corona virus advertisements we have to listen too in America every time we turn on the radio, television, and computer or when we call health care providers and we are forced to listen to their greedy and lawless corona virus edicts and mandates that fill their non profit hospital's bank accounts?

To be continued!

by Ronald A. Blumenthal


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