China is Weak because they are built on bad moral, political and economic foundations created by Marxism there!

China is Weak because they are built on a bad moral, political, and economic foundations created by Marxist Communism!!!

The evil Chinese single political party system only knows how to rule its 1.5 billion people by brute force or the barrel of a gun! Mao killed 50 to 75 million people with the Chinese  Communist Revolution. Where is the morality in that!

The mere fact that China has only one political party, the communist party, does not leave 1.5 billion Chinese people any freedom of choice in choosing their government or their rulers!

Marxist Socialist and Marxist Communist Nation States always have and always will be outproduced by Free Enterprise and Capitalist States just compare the US Gross Domestic Product of 2021 of $23,430, 651,000,000 to China's Gross Domestic Product in 2021 of $17,200,458,000,000!

The U.S. population is 330 Million people! China's Population is 1.5 Billion people! We outproduced China by roughly six trillion dollars per year in GDP with  one fifth the population or labor pool to produce it! And we did not use slave labor to build our GDP like China!

To be continued!


Ronald A. Blumenthal