Interesting world trivia questions.


What Nobel Prize winner of Economics wanted to legalize pot?


What famous World Leaders and Politicians have warned us about Banking?


What is fiat money?


What did President Thomas Jefferson say about our government allowing private banks to issue or print our money like the Federal Reserve Bank?


What year, President and political party were responsible for the federal income tax act pasted in 1913?


What year, President and political party were responsible for the start of the Federal Reserve Bank of 1913?


How much has our government borrowed from the Federal Reserve bank since 1913?


 How did the United States ever pay for its Government Services before the Federal Income tax in 1913?


What percent of Sweden's Economy is Cash?


Why are we heading for a cashless world society and economy?


 Did the US Government rob Social Security and Medicare of funding?


 What U.S. Senator wants an audit of the Federal Reserve and has it on his web site?


What is hyperinflation? 


Will the Fed turn the US into a Mad Max world?


What is the Year of Jubilee in the Bible?


What year and country had one of the largest opium busts the world has ever seen?


What is one or more molecules different from nature and can be patented and profited from?


What country has the most rare earth elements and what are they used to make?


What is tin whiskers.


What is entropy?


Is faith and trust in our US Government increasing or decreasing?


Define forgiveness?


What country will have many robot cops by the end of the decade and will they replace humans?


What website has a time line of computer security hacking history?