Tuesday , May 11th , 2020


BibleGateway.com Search and study the Bible in many different languages and versions.



Discovery Institute is a public policy think tank advancing a culture of purpose, creativity, and innovation. Discovery Institute is headquartered in Seattle, Washington with scholars and fellows located around the country, and even internationally.


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FileHippo.com download programs tested for malware, adware and viruses.



By Gary H. Kah



JBS.Org The John Birch Society


JudicialWatch.Org/  Judicial Watch


LIBREOFFICE has a great workshop suite of software from: word processing to spreadsheets to databases to math formulas to drawing to presentations.


MalewareBytes.com crushes cyber threats and restores confidence.


Napster has one of the finest internet music services for the home or on the road.


Ninite.com Download and Update all your programs and applications from one site.


Of Two Minds website and blog by Charles Hugh Smith writer and author.


PharmacyChecker.Com check medication prices from other democratic nations around the world and compare them to your local US pharmacy.


REAPER has one of the best digital audio recording workstations for musicians and people editing and recording sounds in the business.


Spybot-Free-Download.com Spybot Free Edition is an on-demand anti-spyware scanner.


Sonos has great wireless speakers and systems for homes and businesses. Their software for your computer and phone allow you to play different music in different rooms or group the speakers together to play in tandem. 


TheNewAmerican.Com The New America Magazine by the John Birch Society


The Mark Levin Show The media continues to promote the president's call with the Ukrainian President as nefarious and is smearing this program in the process. Present-day social activists continue staging pseudo-events and passing it off as news


Ubuntu has a great operating system for the desktop or server!


USDebtClock reminds us we are living on a lot of borrowed money! Taxpayers of this and many  generations to come will have to pay for the principal and interest on this debt!