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What Bill Gates Hopes We Learn From Coronavirus Vox

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Vox interviewed Bill Gates in 2015 about his fears of a global pandemic. Now that we're living in that reality, what does he think ...




Aug 14 Gates and Fauci Belong in Prison for Murder

Bob Moriarty 321gold  


Show Highlights - Week of April 6, 2020 | Debbie Georgatos

America manipulated by the coronavirus? From the sobbing but fake nurse video that CBS put out to the world, to the Ezekiel Emanuel pronouncement that America should remain quarantined until the virus vaccine is ready, in about 12-18 months, "Yes" is the answer. ... Trevor Loudonauthor, master researcher and dot-connector, ...


EXCLUSIVE Dr Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses

Apr 19, 2020 › nnn


Coronavirus: Time for Truth on Coronavirus by Dr. Shiva
Friday the 13th of April 2020
Scientist. Inventor. Fighter.

Gary Kah COVID 19 A Global Conditioning

Apr 22, 2020

Gary H. Kah


Coronavirus: What you need to know

Important information you should know about coronavirus, what you can do to mitigate its impact, and how you can keep yourself and others safe.

Fox News April 17, 2020

Protests and rallies across US call for end to coronavirus stay-at-home orders

Protests across the country demand the end to stay-at-home orders and a return to normalcy.

Fox News April 18, 2020


Mnuchin directs people who haven’t gotten their coronavirus stimulus checks to IRS site

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday urged eligible individuals who have yet to receive their coronavirus stimulus payment to visit the IRS website to upload banking information so that they can get the relief “fast.”

Fox News April 18, 2020

#AndyWakefield and #LoriGregory talk with D.C. Attorney Jim Moody about the ongoing, conflicting reports concerning Wu Flu and its implications for public health.
The Andy Wakefield Podcast Episode 17: Who is Tony Fauci?

Listen in as Dr. Judy Mikovits unravels the truth with #AndyWakefield and #LoriGregory of how #TonyFauci buried her scientific studies on retroviruses, their tragic effect on humanity and the real #COVID crisis.


Apr 10th, 2020 The Heritage Foundation


I Found The Source of the Coronavirus
Youtube April 1, 2020


Coronavirus: Dogs to be trained to detect virus

BBC (March 27 2020)


Aug 14 Gates and Fauci Belong in Prison for Murder

Bob Moriarty 321gold  


The Truth About Vaccines 9 Day Docu-Series

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The Truth About Vaccines - YouTube

Welcome to The Truth About Vaccines, a 9-Part documentary mini-series event, featuring Ty & Charlene Bollinger and 60 of the world's top vaccine experts! The...


Waupaca County Public Health COVID-19 Status Report


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